Dan Grec’s #MyJeepStory Has Taken Him to Alaska, Argentina—Soon, Africa!

When the Jeep spirit of adventure calls, you’ve got to pick it up. For Dan Grec, the spirit of adventure called him in a big way. In the video below you can see Dan share his #MyJeepStory about traveling from Alaska to Argentina in his Jeep Wrangler. Where will adventure take him next? Check out the video to learn about Dan’s future plans for adventure, then come see us at Autoserv of Tilton to get started on your own #MyJeepStory.

After taking his Jeep Wrangler from Calgary, Canada to Alaska, USA, Dan thought, Well, why don’t I just keep driving? The answer to question would motivate the next two years of his life, as Dan drove his Wrangler from Alaska all the way to the tippy-tip of Argentina. If you’d like to follow along as Dan embarks on his next big adventure across the continent of Africa, you can track his journey across social media using the handle @TheRoadChoseMe, and share your own adventures—big or small—using the #MyJeepStory hashtag.

“As we mark the 75-year milestone of the Jeep brand, there is no other brand that is able to embrace its global community in a way that invites these individual and compelling stories that have also shaped their own, personal journeys. Our Super Bowl campaign firmly acknowledged ‘We Don’t Make Jeep, You Do,’ recognizing that the rightful ownership of the brand resides uniquely within its fans, followers and owners. ‘My Jeep Story’ will help bring to life and pay tribute to the true spirit and humanity that has come to embody the brand.” –Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA Global

If you aren’t yet a member of the Jeep family, or if you’re looking to write an entirely new chapter of your #MyJeepStory, come see us in our showroom, located on 40 E Main St, Tilton. Just speak with someone from our sales team about the sort of adventures you’re looking to have in your Jeep brand vehicle and they will make sure to match you with the perfect vehicle to meet all your adventuring needs. There’s a lot of adventure out there, and someone has to have at it, so why not you?

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